Turvakaukalo syttyville kemikaaleille.

771.85 ilman alv


Sekuroka® fire protection tub .
Materiaali krominikkeliteräs-seos .
Syttyvät kemikaalit kerätään suoraan verkkorakenteeseen paloturvallisesti.
Kaukalossa ei ole vapaata happea joten mahdolliset liekin alut sammuvat automaattisesti.
Kaukalon koko leveys 450 x syvyys 450 x korkeus 120 mm , paino 12 kg.

Tub and mesh made of chrome-nickel-steel.
Liquids are collected immediately and fire-safe in the mesh
If the liquid ignites, the flame extinguishes autonomously due to lack of oxygen
Resists heat and corrosion
Liquids collected can be transferred for disposal or reuse
The mesh can be removed and is easy to clean and reuse
No glass or steel wool mats needed, so there is no material to dispose of
Note! The meshes may only be filled to 3/3 with flammable liquid. Maximum collection volume approx. 13 litres.
Dimensions: W 450 x L 450 x H 120 mm. Weight 12 kg.